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i like flawed characters. characters with BIG GAPING flaws, ESPECIALLY female characters, who almost never get to fuck up without horrifying consequences and “being put in their place”. who don’t even get to show authentic emotion without fandom absolutely tearing her to pieces. 

i want female characters with flaws the size of tony stark’s but who are still forgiven, beloved, redeemed and ALWAYS considered a hero

women who aren’t uber competent or badasses off the bat. women who are arrogant, overconfident, who learn how to care for people other than themselves. women who are merciless, overeager maybe, bloodthirsty in all the wrong ways. women who are naive and soft-hearted, who have to learn how to stand up for themselves while still maintaining their idealism

tired of female characters presented as already efficient and competent in every single way, who’s only character development seems to be “learning to love” useless white male protag

[How about women who ARE badass and DON’T learn to love the white male protragonist? How about women who appear “naive” but are actually more complicated than that? Because it’s not like female characters get stuck with the “soft-hearted, nurturer” stereotype already. And being “naive” and having ethical ideals are not the same thing *sighs* ]

Also how about female characters that are just badass, who seem to always have some deus ex machina power in them, with very little logic behind it.
Also above comment. Seriously, can we have more women that aren’t ‘stereotypically women’ right now I see those as WEAK character traits because they are used pretty much for every single female character.

OH MY GOD literally the post is talking about how women can’t have realistic or diverse flaws INCLUDING being naive or “stereotypically weak” and GROWING FROM THAT without being torn apart by fandom and motherfuckers commenting on my post proving my point exactly

please give me one singular example of a “stereotypically weak” lady character who is, and i fucking quote from my fucking post "still forgiven, beloved, redeemed and ALWAYS considered a hero" 

because the amount of hate sansa stark and jane foster gets proves you wrong


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women need to learn how to relate to feminism without it relating to men. i want every woman, woman identifier, and person who doesn’t conform to the gender binary and doesn’t benefit from the patriarchy to support each other and liberate us from men and stop giving them space in our movement when they don’t care about giving us space. heforshe??? no, USFORTHEM we don’t need a he co-opting our movement


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Seeing Helen ascend the ramparts, they spoke soft winged words to each other: ‘Small wonder that Trojans and bronze-greaved Greeks have suffered for such a woman, she is so like an immortal goddess.’

Aishwarya Rai as Helen of Troy (for Christa)


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Amphipolis ‘Caryatids’ hint Olympias may lie within
The gentle female sculptures found in the massive burial complex at the Kasta Hill site at Amphipolis,MacedoniaGreece, might depict priestess who took part in orgies and ecstatic rites while scaring men away with snake-filled baskets, according to a new interpretation of the finely carved statues. If true, some scholars argue the tomb would belong to the mother of Alexander the Great. Amphipolis ‘Caryatids’ hint Olympias may lie within

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you know actually it was super important to me that these guys and the vast majority of front-of-train people, and all the people in the highest positions of power were all white. snowpiercer is the least subtle allegory to ever allegory— bunch of white guys pulling the strings, fucking shit up, proselytizing at each other and choosing another white dude to succeed them?

and the one white dude who changes the paradigm choosing to ally himself with and protect poc children at great personal cost (not just that scene at the end where he sacrificed himself to protect yona and timmy, but also in the axegang scene when he physically stepped in front of yona). the fact that he was tempted was important, the fact that in the end he chose to sacrifice comfort and a good life and align himself with the marginalized and oppressed was so important.


another way to look at it: namgoong was always resisting, he was always ready to tear down the system. curtis saw what the system had to offer and he was seconds away from taking it— but he was the only one offered it and probably the only one who WOULD be offered it. compare and contrast to how people who weren’t considered white in the US chose to be complicit (e.g. the irish) and managed to gain all the advantages of a white cultural identity but only because they looked a certain way.

the difference is that seconds away from being indoctrinated, curtis glimpsed the cost of buying into that system (what it costs to people he cares deeply about) and he decided FUCK ALL THAT SHIT LET’S BLOW THIS FUCKER and he needed namgoong’s initiative and yona’s help to do it (alternatively, namgoong needed curtis’s help to do it because curtis was the only one with the opportunity to get that close to wilford presumably cause wilford and gilliam were racist af)

The thing that gets me, the hardest, is the fact he basically DID accept it at the end, until Yona shows him the truth about the Engine…. the Engine cannot be reformed, it cannot be “fixed”, even if you tried to restructure the society, the very Engine itself has to run on abusive, horrid exploitation and violence.   


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the key difference between kings and other shows (GOT AHEM AHEM) is that there is a difference between having clever monologues and actual, clever storytelling; you can market all you want as a show about power but if you don't deliver on construction then it's all bull, and that's why this is such a fantastic ep - jack is rose's son and michelle is silas' daughter; powerplay is only fun when it reveals CHARA, -CTER; d & d you useless motherfuckers i see u butchering sansa's arc - and this ep was JUST SO GOOD AT CONSTRUCTION, it does exactly what it's meant to do - it's a dual performance that shows you the intricacy of relations within the royal court: jack/rose;, rose/michelle and jack/michelle; it's not until this episode that all their facades begin to crumple and all their performance begin to fall, and it's not until this ep that you get a sense of what they are - ballet and philanthropy and 'i don't care about politics i care about int, interior design' for rose; and underneath she is exactly what she is in that second gif - snake eyed and calm and performing her harmlessnes, weaponizing her decorativeness; she's ruthless exactly because you don't see her coming; because you expect china and curtains and you get, ruthless political strategy; silas is tuxed and slick but beneath that he's bloodied and snarling and snapping necks, sacrificing happiness for love and sacrificing love for power; and jack's mask is the party prince who cares more about booze than tax polic, and underneath he's insecure and jealous and crying shirtless - 'beneath the veneer of civility we're all children of cain', and the most fantastic thing this entire season is that out of all of them david is the only one whose exterior matches the inside, david is the only one who is not acting - and that's what gets him through the season and HOW GREAT IS IT, that instead of the obvious /evil court corrupts do gooder and he RISES TO BE THE WORST OF THEM ALL/, they instead let him keep that goodness; they don't subscribe to that ~machiavellianism is the only path to power~ idea that got perpetuates, so instead of being sullied and broken instead of being ripped apart piece by piece they let david stay whole, and burn away every part of him that is useless; idealism not broken beyond repair but idealism SHARPENED and HONED, until the only ideals that remain are the ones that are true; and you might think david is the dumbest of the bunch but HA, he's the first one to figure out what kind of story they are living, he's the first one to figure out how this one ends, jack benjamin, rose benjamin, the people must see us be us; even when we're not,

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Imagine your OTP meeting again after being reincarnated, seeing each other on the street, connecting for an intense and brief moment then walking right past each other never to meet again.

oh man au where steve comes back from the war, settles into civilian life with a quiet intelligence job maybe, runs missions operations instead of being on the missions themselves, but bucky still gets taken and still gets turned into the winter soldier, only hydra never has him blow cars up in front of bystanders, and he gets very very good at accidents and covert missions, and steve marries peggy and has kids and a normal life, maybe steve runs a decade long series of ops to try and catch the winter soldier, but his heart's not in it and he's not too invested, in time he retires and he and peggy hand the ops over to fury who manages, years after the death of steve rogers commonly known as captain america, a war time figure of propaganda (his files never get declassified even after he turns down field work, since the first rule of martyrdom is that you have to die, and someone who didn't die for his country wearing its flag isn't someone you can make into an icon), through a series of ops manages to root out hydra from within shield, and deactivate project winter soldier, fury takes off the muzzle after the job is done, and is incredibly, incredibly glad, that steve rogers never had to live to see barnes put down like a dog, in this universe james buchanan barnes is the cultural icon left behind, and james buchanan gets the grave at arlington, the winter soldier gets a box: muzzle kevlar and bones into the ashtray., yeah girl, bucky barnes, steve rogers, shut up and fuck you, q,

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Make me choose between…
okayophelia asked: Empire rising/falling or Kingdom rising/falling

The myth of Aeneas, Greek in origin, had to be reconciled with the Italian myth of Romulus and Remus, who taken as historical figures would have been born around 771 BC. They were purported to be sons of Rhea Silvia and Mars, the god of war. Because of a prophecy that they would overthrow their great-uncle Amulius, who had overthrown Silvia’s father Numitor, they were, in the manner of many mythological heroes, abandoned at birth; in this case, on the Tiber River by servants who took pity on the infants, despite their orders. The twins were nurtured by a she-wolf until a shepherd named Faustulus found and took Romulus and Remus as his sons. Faustulus and his wife, Acca Larentia, raised the children. When Remus and Romulus became adults, they killed Amulius and restored Numitor. They decided to establish a city; however, they quarreled, and Romulus killed his brother. Thus Rome began with a fratricide, a story that was later taken to represent the city’s history of internecine political strife and bloodshed. Romulus was Rome’s first king and the city’s founder. In 753 BC, Romulus began building the city upon the Palatine Hill. After founding and naming (as the story goes) Rome, he permitted men of all classes to come to Rome as citizens, including slaves and freemen without distinction. After his death at the age of 54, Romulus was deified as the war god Quirinus and served not only as one of the three major gods of Rome but also as the deified likeness of the city of Rome. He reigned for 36 years.
The Roman Empire was the post-Republican period of the ancient Roman civilization, characterized by a government headed by an Emperor, and large territorial holdings around the Mediterranean Sea in Europe, Africa, and Asia. The 500 year old republic which preceded it was severely destabilized in a series of civil wars and political conflict, during which Julius Caesar was appointed as perpetual dictator and then assassinated in 44 BC. Conflict and civil unrest continued, eventually culminating in the victory of Octavian, Caesar’s adopted son, over Mark Antony and Cleopatra at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC. Octavian’s power was now unassailable and in 27 BC the Roman Senate formally granted him overarching power and the new title Augustus, effectively marking the end of the Roman Republic. The imperial successor to the Republic endured for some 500 years. The first two centuries of the Empire’s existence were a period of unprecedented political stability and prosperity known as the Pax Romana, or “Roman Peace”. Following Octavian’s victory, the size of the Empire was dramatically increased. [x] [x] [x]

romans remember by your strength to rule / earth's peoples - for your arts are to be these: /, to pacify to impose the rule of law / to spare the conquered and battle down the strong, like possibily the most terrifying thing about the romans is that they've managed to not just sanctify their ideology, but sanctify their GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION; seriously no one else in this area or time managed, to use brutally efficient administration to the same degree as the romans; not alexander not athens not sparta, not the achaemenid kings; like beside the grossness of that imperialism it's actually so impressive how uniquely, efficient they managed to be - somehow combined that ruthless executive efficiency of monarchy with the sustainability, of having an actual somewhat quasi-democratic system; usually it's one or the other usually it's that you rule by cult of personality, and get efficiency in place of sustainability like alexander; or you rule through systems like the satrapal system or athens, and sacrifice efficiency in place of bureaucracy and a system that persists after the empire builder (solon/cyrus) dies, whereas the romans were just SO INTO SUBJUGATING THE ENTIRE WORLD that they've managed to set down a system, that still worked for a few generations after giving absolute power over to an autocrat; like there's something very admirable about that le, level of system imposed order where; blood runs in the streets and politicians have gangs who run the hills, and different generals have different armies and each of the noble families battle it out to the point of total, familial extermination but still somehow the rule of law STILL persists the city STILL persists, through so many upheavals and revolutions and sackings; and still somehow rome itself still endures; the eternal city, that even though history has shown over and over and over again that they're capable of losing and losing spectacularly, that a single war with a single city on the north african coast is capable of wiping out an entire generation of young men, for twenty years they STILL vote unanimously to DO IT AGAIN AND DO IT BETTER; like you'd think their faith would crumble, but it doesn't; you think they'll learn to concede but they DON'T because of that exact ideology, because they believe so strongly that it's their duty to subjugate the world and make it heed roman law and that success is the only option, that no other path is even considered; and even after that the city itself is still considered sacred that it's TREASON to wear, the soldier's cloak or carry the sword or not disband your men beyond the rubicon; that they've made their geography sacred, i don't think any other european city gets that particular treatment of the land itself being holy ground, that's not just political centralization of power that's LITERAL CENTRALIZATION OF POWER AND THAT, THAT more than the centurions or the armies or the ideology is what makes rome so bloody terrifying, this is how the subjugation of the world is done; not through force of personality not through men not through arms, through sheer efficiency of bureaucracy; through success institutionalized into law and imagination, only a great man can write it, q,

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Synesius, you don’t question what you believe, or cannot. I must.

Agora (2009) 


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