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it’s the 1968 movie and it was just the scene i think??? but it gave me all these feelings abt how hera wasn’t jealous, she just wanted to fuck shit up for zeus for ruining her life and who gives a fuck abt those pesky mortals anywho. fuck the

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jealous bitch narrative everyone gives her SHE’S THE QUEEN OF THE GODS WHY DOES SHE CARE ABT THE FEELS OF PEASANTS!!! also medea is the best you should do a mhbic?? >.>;; EITHER WAY I LOVE HER BC HER MYTH!! it harkens back to Ll Llorona tbh and !!!!!
okay i’m going to go find that single scene
lol no one cares about the peasant humans

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Odysseus is a dick but I love him and I don’t know how to stop loving him so I just roll with it. Him and Patroclus. Whereas I kind of almost hate Achilles. idek man
i read the odyssey last year and it’s just like YOU ASSHOLE HYPOCRITE SHUT UP SHUT THE FUCK UP
yeah i have characters that i realize i would hate today but got used to them really young so i can’t ever hate them again it’s baaaad
i need to read the iliad but like i think my first encounter with achilles was when i watched troy when i was like 9. and there was that part about him seeking glory over a short life and SELF MADE GLORY AND STRIVING FOR GLORY AND GLORY BEFORE LIVING AND SELFISH GOLDEN GLORY AT THE EXPENSE OF EVERYTHING ELSE. it’s a trope that has held to this day for me

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and she doesn’t kill them ~for no reason~. she kills them to take the maximum possible vengeance on jason, because she’s one terrifyingly cold-hearted motherfucker. which is a character type of which i obviously approve, in fictional contexts :)
i know your vicious amoral tendencies and i share them
i mean like it’s FANTASTIC if you consider it from the angle that her kids are literally jason planting himself inside her and taking control of her body and taking the last vestige of her identity like he had taken everything else, and her killing her kids - as horrific as it is - is like her killing all remnants of him and retaining her body as her own, after she’s given everything
~medea feelings
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  1. girlsarewerewolves said: DEITY OF FUCK YOU ZEUS and then I just totally hate!ship the fuck out of them and weep because I want to read some good modern takes on them and their (failure of a) relationship. Where she isn’t just a green-eyed monster.
  2. someothermonstra said: she was always the one with power
  3. thatnightinminneapolis said: hahahaha, i know your vicious amoral tendencies may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me
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