T H E  M E S S I A H  K I N G

A monarchy stands for the singularity of its king; all vectors pointed here. I am the sovereign of this nation, chosen by God and by citizen.
henry v, snow white and the huntsman, cesare borgia, emperor augustus, alexander the great, david shepherd, tom hiddleston, kristen stewart, francois arnaud, simon fish, colin farrell, chris eagan, aut caesar aut nihil, only tyrants need worry about tyrant killers, alexander, the people must see us be us; even when we're not, holy jesus christ thats a lot of tags, photoshop took a dump, because every single one of these fuckers stood with the conviction of god behind them, henry v - god and my right shall i defend; bringing down his wrath upon france in a carefully calculated act of violence, that will be seen as heroism later wherein he equated his victory to god's blessing and rebellion against him as rebellion against god, snow white; literally the jesus figure within the narrative the goddess come back from the dead with an army at her back, about to become the woman king that ravenna never was, cesare borgia; backed by the pope backed by the church backed by all the trappings of the ecclesiastical god, about to use guile and ruthlesness and his terrifying calculated brutality to turn the holy mother church, into an earthly vessel for his ambition, alexander; son of zeus and son of phillip who threw a spear into the bank upon crossing the hellespont, who sought confirmation from the oracle and was led across a desert heretofore crossed only by the mythic, and david shepherd; the boy who would be king; the boy chosen by god to rid the state of the now corrupt silas, gif:misc,
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