the avengers as greek mythological figures: steve rogers as hector, prince of troy

i read a great post a while back about iron man and captain america representing the two faces of america: the dream and the reality. ‘even the war he thought he fought in wasn’t the war he fought in’, in reference to nagasaki and hiroshima after steve had been put on ice.because the fact of steve is that in mcu he is a man who had been lionized into legend in the seventy odd years after he had ceased to exist, he had been made from a brooklyn street rat into literally, a figure of american myth; the cornerstone of heroic american patriotism. he represents america just as hector had represented troy, in all its glory and its inevitable fall, but the tragedy of him is that he gets to wake up and see not only the decay of the dream that he had fought and died for, but realize the truth of what he had championed, all those years ago. he wakes up and he recognized his old friend, howard stark, in the manhattan project which was released on a civilian population, and in howard stark’s son whose catchphrase before ‘his eyes were opened’ was: “the weapon you only have to fire once - that’s how dad did it, that’s how america does it. and it’s worked out pretty well so far.” steve rogers is hector, prince of troy, standing on his father’s unbreakable wars about to face achilles, realizing that troy was doomed by the gods from the start.

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